How to record in Zoom

Here are Zoom’s own instructions 

  1. Open Zoom, and go to Preferences/Settings 
  2. Go to “Recording”. Choose the locations you want the recording to be saved and make sure you have checked “Optimize for 3rd video editor” and “Record video during screen sharing”. 
  1. Start a new meeting. Click “share” to share your screen, and choose your presentation.  Press the button “Record”. Do your presentation and press “Stop recording” when you are done. End the meeting and you will get a message saying “Converting meeting recording” which can take a while. When it is done the recording will be saved in the location you chose earlier. 
  2. The resolution will depend on your computer. You can see the resolution of your file here:  

Mac: Find the file in Finder and click it to see the resolution

In Windows you can see the resolution by right-clicking your video file, choose “properties” and go to the “details” tab and you will see the resolution. 

  1. If the resolution is exceeding 1280×720 you can convert your files using VLC or Wondershare. Another option is to upload your video to Vimeo or Youtube and then download it at 720P. 
  2. However, if you cannot convert it easily, send it to us and we will do it. 

Tip: When sharing your screen while doing your presentation, if you have any videos or audiotrack in your presentation remember to press the button “share sound” before starting your presentation.