How to record with PowerPoint

We recommend using Powerpoint as you can save your recording in the correct resolution (720p). The only con is the file size, but WeTransfer and Sprend allow files up to 2 GB (2000 MB), so most presentations can easily be sent to us via these services. 

Here are easy instructions on how to record with PowerPoint in English and Swedish. 

Recording in PowerPoint means you record for each slide, meaning if you are not happy with your presentation for a specific slide you can easily re-record by just clicking the record button on that specific slide. Since it records for each slide it is good to allow for some seconds when going to the next slide, to make sure the final recording does not omit any of your voice while speaking. 

When you are happy with the recording you click “Export”, choose file format “MP4” and choose the option that has 1280 x 720 as resolution. 

In Mac

In Windows