Format for pre-recordings

If you are presenting a paper at the STREAMS conference 2021 we recommend you to record your presentation to avoid any technical issues while presenting. Here we give you some tips on how to record in Powerpoint and how to record with Zoom. If you cannot or wish not to pre-record your contribution because of the format of your session, you can of course present live. Go here for tips and requirements if you are to present live

Important things to remember if you are to record:

  • The presentation should be 15 minutes- max 20 minutes.
  • Preferably do not exceed 720p and 2000kbit/s. Keep on reading if you need more information about this. If your file exceeds these specifications, we will convert it for you. 
  • Title your file “AbstractID_Last Name_3 first words in the title”. You will find the Abstract ID in the letter of confirmation you received when submitting the abstract or in the abstract submitting system itself.
  • The deadline for sending us your pre-recorded presentation is July 23rd 

Pre-record assistance: If you need assistance to pre-record, send us an email at, and we will book a time slot to help you. 

You will soon be able to book a time slot for rehearsal day August 2nd to connect to the platform and check your sound, camera and get familiar with the environment before the conference fully starts on August 3rd.

How to record with PowerPoint
How to record in Zoom