The Digital Conference

Streams 2021 will be a digital conference where participants from all over the world can meet and interact with each other. In the platfrom EventsAir you will be able to view all the sessions and interact with all the other participants.

Although we initially planned for an on-site conference we see many positive sides of going completely online. One being less traveling, which is more inclusive and environmentally friendly! Another positive side is that it gives us a possibility to record almost all the sessions and make them available to watch up to one month after the conference. In other words, if you miss a session you can watch it later. Below you can read more about the different types of sessions we will have at the conference. 

With a digital conference, there are certain tips concerning your computer and stable internet connection. Please take some time to read about them here, to make sure your participation goes smoothly in the conference without technical issues.  

Follow this link for information and tips on how to pre-record your presentation
Follow this link for information and tips on how to participate in your session and to present live

Keynote presentation 

A keynote will consist of a 45 min presentation by the keynote speaker followed by a moderated Q&A with all the listeners.  

Paper panels 

Most of the sessions at the conference will be paper panels, which are 1.5 hours. A paper panel usually consists of either 3 or 4 speakers who will get 15 minutes each to present their work. After all the presentations the chair will then open up for a live discussion between the presenters before opening up the digital floor for Q&A from the listeners. To avoid typical technical issues during presenting, we highly recommend for participants in paper panels to pre-record their 15-minute presentation and send it to us.

NB: If you have a video in your presentation it is especially recommended that you send a pre-recorded presentation. Screening of the video yourself live will most likely lag it. If you still want to have your presentation live, please send us the video file you want to play during your presentation, and we can play it for you.

Read more here about how to pre-record. If you are not able to pre-record, make sure you read tips here on how to get a stable internet connection. 


A roundtable is a discussion concerning a specific topic. We have several roundtables where a chair will moderate the discussion between the participants, where listeners are able to write questions to the participants. If you are a presenter in a roundtable it is important that you have a stable wired internet connection so that you do not freeze just in the moment when you have an excellent point to put forward. Read more here about tips for best connection.  

Experimental sessions and films

These sessions consist of a variety of presentations, films, and interactions. If your session is noted with “Zoom” in the program, it means that you as a presenter will get access to a  Zoom room to allow for the more experimental nature of your session. Instructions to this specific Zoom room have been sent to you in advance, but the link itself can be found in the session on the platform EventsAir. Click “Preview” and under ” Chat & Questions to Speakers” you can find the link. Copy the link into a new tab and join the Zoom session.

If your session has no “Zoom” note in the program but your presentation requires showing any video, please send us the video(s), so we can broadcast them during your presentation. Showing a video on your own screen during a presentation will most likely make the video lag. 

Network meetings

We have several networking meetings that are informal meeting places for collective discussions concerning a variety of topics. They will be held on Zoom (therefore outside the EventsAir platform of the conference). The link to the specific network meeting can be accessed through the EventsAir platform. Go to the session you want to join and under the ” Chat and Questions to Speakers” to the right you will find the Zoom link. Copy and paste it into a new tab and join the meeting!