7 AUGUST, 14.00-15.00 CET

Environments of Italian diaspora
– Trailer for the stream Environmental History of Migration

Colonas italianas (1890-1910 ca), Caixa Sul, Brazil, WikiCommons

As Armiero and Tucker (2017) wrote, “migrants are nature on a move”. With over 26 million of individuals leaving Italy between 1860 and 1975, Italian diasporas are key parts of European and World History. Those women and men have moved through borders and continents bringing along their cultures, practices, identities and landscapes. Strangely enough, migration and cultural studies long ignored the role of the environment. The interplay between migrants and the environment will be at the center of this roundtable discussion, which will focus on the construction of Italianness using a socio-ecological approach. Human and more-than-human relationalities are among the key elements of such an encounter, which involved migrants, colonizers, and settlers. Socio-ecological practices performed by Italians around the globe – such as farming, food production, urban and landscape planning, and industrial trades – are deeply rooted in the ecology of the place in which they are enacted, and materialize themselves in newly created hybrid landscapes resulting from the encounters of different cultures and knowledge systems.

Participants: Roberta Biasillo (KTH – Environmental Humanities Laboratory), Daniele Valisena (KTH – Environmental Humanities Laboratory), Claudio De Majo (Rachel Carson Center – Munich), Ilaria Vanni Accarigi (University of Technology, Sidney), Gilberto Mazzoli (EUI – European University Institute), Samira Peruchi Moretto (Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul, Brazil).

Moderator: Eunice Sueli Nodari (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil).

Contacts: For info and queries concerning the roundtable, please contact the Stream organizers:  roberta.biasillo@abe.kth.se; daniele.valisena@abe.kth.se.