7 August, 13.00–14.00 CET

Environmental Justice in a moment of danger
– Conversation with Julie Sze

Environmental Justice in a moment of danger is the title of Prof. Julie Sze’ s most recent book, published in January 2020. No title could have been more appropriate, even prophetic. The world has entered a dramatic pandemic, which has affected all but in unequal ways. COVID-19 has intertwined with the structures of our societies, multiplying the nefarious effects of race, class, and gender inequalities. We will discuss with Prof. Sze the challenges of environmental justice in a time of danger, inviting all our listeners to go beyond a too consensual understanding of sustainability in a quest for a radical transformation of our societies.

Julie Sze is Professor of American Studies and Founding Director of the Environmental Justice Project at the University of California, Davis. She has authored and edited numerous books and articles on environmental justice and inequality, culture and environment, and urban and community health and activism. Sze’s book, Noxious New York: The Racial Politics of Urban Health and Environmental Justice (MIT Press), won the 2008 John Hope Franklin Publication Prize, awarded annually to the best published book in American Studies. Her second book, Fantasy Islands: Chinese Dreams and Ecological Fears in an Age of Climate Crisis (UC Press) was published in 2015. Her most recent book is Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger (UC Press) that was published in early 2020.