STREAMS will be held in Stockholm, 3–7 August 2021.

A new call for participation will be issued 1st of October 2020 (deadline December 1, 2020). Accepted participants keep their slot in the programme. Any participant still pending are welcome to send a revised proposal before December 1.

The conference STREAMS is made up of numerous sessions organised under a joint theme called streams. The purpose of streams is to reflect strands of practices and philosophies within the Environmental Humanities. At the same time, organising all conference presentations as part of streams is also an invitation to see how streams diverge, merge, or new ones emerge over time. Here is a list of all the streams participating onsite in Stockholm for STREAMS, 3–7 August 2021:

Coastal Thinking


Between One and Many

TransTemporal Seascapes 

(Un)common tides

Earth System at Risk

Political ecology

Anthropologists embracing the non-human

Extinction Narratives

Multispecies Studies

Religion After the Holocene

Leading from the margins

Petrocultures and energy humanities

Approaching Time-Things 

Ice Humanities

The “Ecological Indian” and the Environmental Humanities

Place and Technology in the Environmental Humanities

Earthly Satellites

Ancient Environments and Their Legacy


Between Generations

Nuclear Narratives

Media and Infrastructure in the Anthropocene

A Green Turn?

Feminist Posthumanities – More-than-human Arts and Multispecies Futures

Toxicity and Ecological Impurities

Crisis and Transformation in Society