A Green Turn?

How plants are shaping the Environmental Humanities landscape

Plants are driving new growth within the Environmental Humanities and neighbouring fields, providing a versatile space in which to radically revisit human plant knowledge as for instance relational, haptic, embodied, entangled, subversive, indigenous and spatially and temporally specific. At the individual and collective level, there is an underlying duality between stories of control, such as colonization and commodification, and stories of transformation and healing, from medicine to communal gardening. However, the sense that plants are everywhere in emerging EH fields (and beyond, from fashion and interior decorating to natural dyeing and forest bathing) should not obscure the diversity and potential tensions between different inherent disciplinary traditions, language choice (particularly neologisms) and degrees of critical and radical response in theory and practice.

The need for more conversation between plant scholars across the disciplinary spectrum presents an opportunity to discuss in focused and creative terms the hope, scope and pitfalls of EH as an emerging disciplinary landscape. This stream brings together scholars from a range of fields working on plants and plant-people relations at different scales – species, gardens, agriculture and forestry – and through different theoretical and methodological approaches. We will not only talk about plants but engage with them in an interactive exhibition grounded in the plants and place of KTH.​

Stream organisers: Anna Svensson.