Approaching Time-Things

The notion of linear, singular, and progressive time has been cast in doubt in recent scholarship. The doubt is exacerbated in the environmental humanities, with its consideration for worlds shaped by nonhuman and human actors alike. This puts questions of time at the forefront, both as analytical lens and object of inquiry. Part of the reason why time has been such an underexplored phenomenon in social sciences and humanities scholarship, is that time is difficult to make manifest, to grasp or represent. This abstract character of time (as opposed to for example space or objects) poses an epistemological challenge. Where is time located and how to access it? In this stream, we invite participants to handle these questions experientially.

Approaching time-things organises a trailer of its stream on August 5.

Stream organisers: Emil Henrik Flatø, Leonoor Zuiderveen Borgesius, and Stine Alling Jacobsen.