Crisis and Transformation in Society

During the last few years increasingly the issue of stewardship has come into focus with regard to the need to transform society into a more sustainable trajectory of various alternative styles.

The first substream brings forward the explicit and implicit normative elements in handling the cognitive aspects of such societal transformations. This is important at all scalar levels, from the local to the global, and for connections between them. It also pertains to various aspects of cultural embeddings of the choices involved.

The second substream discusses the current crisis as an opportunity to take action. It proposes to attempt a different approach of focusing not on the problematic side of crises but on the opportunities that crises often entail. The idea is not to overlook or to belittle the real problems and threats that exist, but to refuse to let this blind us to the positive possibilities that also exist, to see an opportunity not only to prevent the worst, but to organize transformation to a better world than before.

Stream organisers: Maria Tengö, Uno Svedin, Iris Borowy, Viktor Paal, and Simone Schleper.