Earthly Satellites

The Environment Viewed from Space

Satellites have since late twentieth century regularly gathered data that eventually made possible the depiction of a global environment. This stream aims to reflect about the production and use of environmental knowledge based on such satellite data. How have data been so extensively entrenched in diverse sectors: science, NGOs, decision-making, public administration, market, and education? What lays behind the chain of production and utilization of such environmental knowledge? What were intended purposes and motivations for gathering satellite data? What uses have been discovered serendipitously? Contributions will explore fields of application of satellite data as various as agriculture, forests, fisheries, weather, geological prospections, water management, transportation, urban planning, and leisure. They will enlighten how satellite technology participates in the globalization of environmental knowledge.

Stream organisers: Gemma Cirac-Claveras and Sylvain Brunier.