Feminist Posthumanities

More-than-human Arts and Multispecies Futures

Posthumanities or the more-than-human humanities are – alongside and overlapping with the environmental humanities – parts of growing efforts to rework the role of the humanities and their relation to the environment and nonhumans, to science, technology, and contemporary society, on the basis that our traditional ideas of nature (as passive resource) and of the human (Man, as it were) are basically reaching their limits and changing.

Guided by the feminist ethos of care, concern, creativity, curiosity and collaboration, the research, activism and art under this STREAMS’ theme of feminist posthumanities meet up in postconventional and postdisciplinary panels and experimental workshops to explore speculative, artistic and multispecies-focused convergences with environmental humanities. The aim of this STREAM is thus to engage in mutual exchanges and explore postdisciplinary convergences with a specific commitment to art and multispecies futures as an emerging pivot for contemporary environmental humanities.

The stream Feminist Posthumanities organises a trailer on August 6.

Stream curators:

The Posthumanities Hub, with
Cecilia Åsberg
Janna Holmstedt
Marietta Radomska
Christina Fredengren
Signe Johannessen