Leading from the margins

​This stream proposes an exploration of collaborative transdiciplinary learning processes initiated by people inhabiting the margins of different power structures. We suggest that such an exploration can attempt to learn from the efforts that have been made to realize learning and decision-making processes where inquiries, invitations, facilitation and interpretations are coming from perspectives that do not usually occupy places of power and influence, but also critically reflect on the inherent injustices and limitations of such participatory practices. We hope that this stream can contribute to the understanding of environmental humanities and it’s capacity as a space for new conversations, critically investigating concerns of when do participatory process evolve in the kind of third space “where the oppressed and oppressor are able to come together, free (maybe only momentarily) of oppression itself, embodied in their particularity” (Susan Fainstein), and when do they turn into what Uma Kothari and Bill Cooke call “the new tyranny”.

Stream organisers: Alexis Engström, André Dutra and Isak Stoddard.