Multispecies Studies

This stream aims to further develop collaborative conversations on the emerging interdisciplinary research area of Multispecies Studies. This field is concerned with rethinking what it is to be human in the Anthropocene, understanding the entanglements of organic and inorganic beings and how they shape (unevenly) and enable shared worlds. Multispecies studies further engages with topics of extinction and conservation, colonisation and climate change, resource production and extraction, encouraging a fuller understanding of the more-than-human.

Recently, there has been a cross-pollination between multispecies studies and environmental humanities, both looking into experimental, interdisciplinary, and reflexive methods to have a better grasp of the naturalcultural phenomena. This is motivated by a mutual commitment to noticing the lives and worlds of others, grounded in field research that is in sustained conversation with the social and natural sciences, Indigenous ecological knowledge, and a diversity of other ways of knowing.​

Stream organisers: Thom van Dooren and Ursula Münster.