Streaming STREAMS 2020

The original plan for STREAMS was for 2020, but as the pandemic hit the world we had to re-schedule the whole event. Instead we arranged the event Streaming STREAMS. Please enjoy the bits and pieces from what took place in Stockholm and online, 5-7 August 2020

Opening words: Sverker Sörlin

Conversation: Dipesh Chakrabarty

Trailer: “Is time that hard to grasp?”

Forum discussion: COVID-19 pandemic and Environmental Humanities

Opening words: Sabine Höhler

Conversation: James Ogude

Trailer: “The Posthumanities Hub, submerged at ART LAB GNESTA”

Forum discussion: Journals and the remaking of scholarly fields

Opening words: Marco Armiero

Conversation: Julie Sze

Trailer: “Environmental History of Migration”

Forum discussion: Sustainable academia