Toxicity and Ecological Impurities

But there Ought to be a Better way of Killing a Louse than by Destroying the Body it Feeds On (from a poem by Walter Benton, 1941)

This stream deals with toxicity, ecological impurities, and the Environmental Humanities.

Our sessions inquire how the interdisciplinary environmental humanities and collaborations between artists, activists, and researchers can contribute to renew our environmental literacy for understanding and being-with a world that is perceived as “broken” or “permanently polluted.” How can different linguistic forms (from academic talk to poetry), and even beyond verbal communication (such as through visual, sonic and performative acts) bring together conceptual and material activities for living with compromised environments? How can they make positive and even hopeful contributions?

In other words, this STREAM brings together practitioners, artists, and academics to form interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral sessions that aim to renew our environmental literacy for the “unnatural”: toxins and poisons, wastes and pollution, “invasive” species, etc. and consider how to make positive contributions.

Stream organisers: Antonia Alampi, Caroline Ektander, May-Brith Ohman-Nielsen, Simone Müller, and Jesse Peterson.