TransTemporal Seascapes

This stream aims to explore the imaginative approaches to the domain of the sea in premodernity, and to analyze how this archive (c.1100-1700) resonates with contemporary concerns about environmental degradation and climate emergency. The stream draws inspiration from the blue turn within environmental studies. Its sessions are intended to thicken conversations in literary studies (Steve Mentz and Dan Brayton, on the global ocean) and in art history (John Mack, on the cultural history of the sea, and recent collections centered on water issues in the Low Countries and Venice). While much has been said about shipwreck, colonialization, trade, and navigation, the research questions that drive our inquiry are distinct for their insistence on heeding the theoretical call for better understanding of what Timothy Morton and Donna Haraway have called “entanglement.” 

Stream organisers: Tiffany Jo Werth.