(Un)common tides

Risky business for water beings 

We live on a changing planet with changing tides, but the changing climate that we have provoked… brings us atypical and unwanted tides. Among the disputes between Anthropocene and Capitalocene, we enjoy the provocation by Donna Haraway naming it as Cthulhucene to draws our attention to the once more ethnocentralized and eurocentralized origin of the previous terms, separating culture and nature again and forgetting that this natural world of which we are part of is a living entity and therefore it can respond. Many beings of water tied to water landscapes will disappear along with some of their accompanying water beings. And yet there is hope in actions from those who have been warning all of us about the increasingly imminent risks, precisely because they were on the front line of the battlefront.

Stream organisers: Begoña Dorronsoro, Cebaldo de León Inawinapi and Gunilla Larsson.