Tips for Chairs

Here comes some things that are helpful to keep in mind when you chair a session.

Each session is 1.5 hours with 3 to 4 presentations. We have tried to avoid any clash in your schedule, but in case we have made a mistake, please inform the Program Committee:

Before the session

  • Read about the session and participants here, so that you can give a short introduction of everyone and their topics when starting the session (Click on the session name to see the abstracts).
  • Try to familiarize with the digital platform; if possible through the rehearsal we will hold on August 2.
  • Sign in 10-15 minutes before the session, to speak to your technician.
  • Check the order of the presentations and whether there are pre-recorded videos. Depending on the number of presentations, you may discuss with the presenters the time allocated to each presentation and Q&A. Leave time for the Q&A session and agree with the presenter how to signal them that their time is over.

During the session

  • Introduce shortly the presenters and their topics.
  • To allow for audience participation and to allow audience members to move between sessions, please keep strictly to the time guidelines.
  • If any presenter(s) does/do not show up- proceed with the session. Give the speakers the same time allocated to their presentation (15-20 min), and rather have more time for Q&A and discussion.

Q&A session

  • Being a digital conference, you may need to monitor the chat where all the questions come in written form.
  • Feel free to give the floor in a way that will ensure gender balance and diversity. For example; if you have 3 men lining up for a question, after the first has gotten his question read up, you can read up the question to the fourth person in line, in case this will ensure diversity.
  • If you see that one presenter is left out in the Q&A session, please try to include that person with a question or a comment.

Ethical and diversity codes of conduct

  • STREAMS is a safe environment for all participants. We do not tolerate any form of prevarication, racism, sexism, and the like. Please consider that your duty is to help ensure a safe environment for all. If something do occur refer to the ethical code of conduct of the conference. In extreme cases, you can take someone out of the room. In all cases, if you have noticed something, please report it to the streams organizing committee:

STREAMS has appointed two persons — Sofia Jonsson and Anna Åberg — to whom everybody who has been a victim or witness of any kind of harassment during the conference can report and talk. It will be possible to reach them through email ( In case of a claim, they will act swiftly, having as a priority always securing a safe space for the victim. Based on the gravity of the allegations, they will report to the chairs of the organizing committee and a wide array of options will be considered, from addressing the accused to proposing their removal from the conference in extreme cases.