Trailers STREAMS 2021

The STREAMS conference is made up of numerous sessions organised under a joint theme. The purpose of STREAMS is to reflect strands of practices and philosophies within the Environmental Humanities. At the same time it is also an invitation to see how the streams diverge, merge, or new ones emerge over time.

Below you find trailers and discussions around some of the STREAMS presented at the online conference, 3–6 August 2021. Please go to the full program page, to see all participating streams:

A Green Turn?
Trailer for the stream A Green Turn?

Challenging environmental (in)-justice
Trailer for the stream Earth System at Risk

COVID-19 Pandemic from the Perspective of the Environmental Humanities
Discussion with Greta Gard

Environmental Justice in a moment of danger
Conversation with Julie Sze

Feminist Posthumanities – More-than-human Arts and Multispecies Futures
Trailer for the stream Feminist Posthumanities – More-than-human Arts and Multispecies Futures

Is time that hard to grasp?
Trailer for the stream Approaching Time-Things

Journals and the remaking of scholarly fields
Discussion with Dolly Jørgensen, Mark Hersey & Stephen Brain

Nuclear Narratives
Trailers for the stream Nuclear Narratives

Sustainable academia
Forum discussion with Kathleen Brosnan and Felipe Milanez

Tangled in knots: pasts, presents and futures of the Environmental Humanities
Conversation with Dipesh Chakrabarty

The Roman Villa Project: Archaeology, Paleobotany, and Sustainable Agriculture in Italy’s Sabine Hills
Trailer for the stream Ancient Environments and Their Legacy

Ubuntu and the Principle of Co-Agency in African Ecology
Conversation with James Ogude